Priest worried about attitude of Christians

The Reverend Father George Atta Baidoo, Chaplain of the Holy Child College, Cape Coast, has described some Christians as wolves in sheep's clothing, because they were committing sins in disguise.

He said they were found in business, politics, marriage and several spheres of life, and because they were corrupt, such people followed illusory desires.

Father Baidoo made the remarks when he preached a sermon at Saint Joseph’s Minor Basilica at Elmina on Sunday.

He said those people had forgetten what God had done for them, but were so entrenched in their desires that when in trouble, they rushed into the house of God.

Father Baidoo stressed the need for Christians to under-go a revolutionary change of minds, and then focus on good things so that they did not face the wrath of God.

Father Baidoo reminded Christians that God was a prayer-answering God, and therefore urged them to enter into cordial relations with Him, adding, “He will provide you in same way He did to the Israelites when He provided them with Manna on the desert.”

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