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Welcome to Ghana, the center of the world, situated on Latitude five degrees North of the Equator and Longitude zero degrees (Greenwich Meridian) is arguably the gateway to West Africa.

The country extends from the Gulf of Guinea in the south with miles and miles of sun-dappled beaches and mangrove forests to the south through to the tropical rain forest of the middle belt to the rugged contrast of the Sahel lands up north. Ghana, called the Gold Coast by the colonial powers for her rich Gold and other mineral deposits offers some of the best travel experiences in Africa.

Land of Great Hospitality

Few countries in Africa have an appeal that can compare with the att
ractions of Ghana. The country dazzles you with its historic past and charms you with its natural beauty.

Ghana boasts of the most diversitified tourism products in Africa comprising:

  • historical and heritage tourism
  • cultural tourism
  • eco-tourism
  • beach tourism

The country also has a considerable amount of wildlife attractions in addition to it being a major conference tourism destination in Africa.

Join in our spectacular festivals, and discover the friendliness of our people. Revel in our music and dance and excite your taste buds with our delicious Ghanaian food.

Discover our beaches, National Parks, bustling village markets and our vibrant towns and cities. Discover why it is great in Ghana.

The people of Ghana are known as the people of smiles. In our land of many different languages and tribes, we are all drawn together, proud to be modern Ghanaians. All our people, from whichever tribe, honour their chiefs and royal and celebrations.

A Rich Blend of Old and New

Our history stretches back over 2000 years to the riches of ancient Ghana Empire, where trade in Gold, Ivory, Salt and Kola nuts created one of the most opulent empires in ancient Africa and attracted Kingsmen from all over the continent. Europeans, drawn by the abundance of our land, came to trade and left behind their legacy of 32 forts and castles [the most in any sub-Saharan African country]

The capital, Accra, is a vibrant modern city and the commercial and political heart of Ghana.

With its rich blend of old and new, Accra has bustling markets full of great bargains, a wide choice of hotels with state-of-the-art conference facilities, and restaurants that reflect the many cultures of Ghana as well as a pulsating nightlife.

Nature has been generous to Ghana. Few natural attractions can compare with the land of Ghana. National Parks, such as the Kakum rainforest or the broad savannah of Mole, are havens for indigenous flora and fauna, safe from predatory man. Ghana is a birdwatcher’s paradise and nature lover’s delight. Forest walks captivate the senses as butterflies flit from flower to flower and shafts of sunlight illuminate tiny orchids and other native flowers. Products of our indigenous tress and plants have always enriched medical knowledge throughout the world. The variety of landscape is matched by striking seasonal and regional contrasts.

Festive Celebrations

Ghana is a land of festivals. The celebrations, with great durbars of chiefs in gold regalia, full of dancing and drumming, reverberate with images of our rich cultural traditions and reflect the passage of nature’s calendar, so important in the preservation of our culture. Throughout the year and throughout the country, our people love to celebrate and the great sights and scenes reflected in these festivals create for every visitor a memory to be cherished.

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