Trade & Investments


Trade and Investments
The thrust of the Government’s policy directive is on:
  • A liberalised trade (import/export) regime within the spirit and principles of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).
  • Liberalised investment regime sustained by a targeted investment drive;
  • An export oriented, value-addition industrial development strategy;
  • Free zone development encompassing:-
    • factory specific and export processing zones (EPZ)
    • liberalised skies
    • free ports

Investment Procedures
Under the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 1994 (Act 478), investment projects in all sectors of the economy, other than the mining and petroleum sectors, can be established without prior approval of GIPC. Mining and petroleum sector projects have to be approved or licensed by the Minerals Commission and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, respectively. All investors intending to invest in Ghana should first register as business entities (limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.) with the Registrar-General’s Department under the relevant laws.

Enterprises with foreign participation i.e, joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises, must complete application forms from the GIPC (Ghana Investment Promotion Centre) for the purposes of registering the actual minimum foreign capital requirement (as evidenced by bank transfers in the case of cash transfers) and customs entry forms for investment goods. GIPC has five working days to complete this formality if registration documents are received in good order. Wholly Ghanaian-owned enterprises do not need to register with GIPC since the minimum foreign capital requirement does not apply to such enterprises. All wholly Ghanaian-owned enterprises and enterprises with foreign participation seeking immigrant quota facilities in respect of expatriate personnel (expert) for their business should satisfy the relevant minimum capital requirements specified under section 30 of Act 478.

Enterprises seeking exemption from import duties and related charges should send invoices for clearance directly to CEPS, which will automatically clear all such investment capital goods and parts thereof as zero-rated (duty free) in their tariff code. A list of all such zero-rated investment capital goods and parts thereof is available at GIPC. In addition, all enterprises must deal directly with the Internal Revenue Service with respect to the enjoyment of tax incentives in relation to their investments. A list of such investment-related tax incentives is available at GIPC.

GIPC assists all enterprises in their dealings with government officials, providing advice as well as serving as a facilitator to ensure unimpeded establishment and operation of business in Ghana.

Notice to Prospective Investors
Ghana is an ideal location to do business and all prospective investors are welcome and, are indeed given the necessary assistance to establish and operate their business.

For the avoidance of doubt, all prospective investors and foreign business collaborators are hereby advised to, in the first instance, deal with the under-listed official channels in exploring business opportunities and/or establishing operations in Ghana.

  • For information on investment opportunities, registration of projects involving foreign participation, and general investment:

    The Chief Executive,
    Ghana Investment Promotion Centre,
    P.O. Box M193, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 665125-9,
    Fax: 233 (21) 663801, 
    E-mail address:

    For export business especially in non-traditional export sector:

    The Executive Secretary,
    Ghana Export Promotion Council,
    P.O. Box M146, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 228813 or 228830,
    Fax: 233 (21) 668263 or 233725,
    E-mail address:

    For investment and trade in Ghana’s Free Zones:

    The Executive Secretary,
    Ghana Free Zones Board,
    P.O. Box M47, Ministries Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 780532-5, 
    Fax: 233 (21) 780536,
    E-mail address:

    For the verification of authenticity and rating of business in Ghana:

    The Registrar-General,
    Registrar General Department,
    P.O. Box 118, Accra
    Tel: 22 (21) 664691,
    Fax: 662043

    For stock Market Operations:

    The Managing Director, 
    Ghana Stock Exchange, 
    Cedi House, Liberia Road, 
    P.O. Box 1894, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 669908/669914/66935, 
    Fax: 233 (21) 669913. 
    E-mail address:

  • For mining concessions and operations:

    The Chief Executive,
    Minerals Commission,
    P.O. Box M248, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 772783,
    Fax: 233 (21) 773324. 
    E-mail address:

  • For the purchase of gold/diamonds:

    The Managing Director, 
    Precious Mineral Marketing Company, 
    P.O. Box M108, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 664931-4,
    Fax 233 (21) 662586
    For wood and wood products:

    Managing Director, 
    Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD), 
    P.O. Box 515, Takoradi
    Tel: 233 (31) 22921-3,
    Fax: 233 (31) 23339

  • For cocoa and cocoa products:

    The Chief Executive, 
    Ghana Cocoa Board, 
    P.O. Box 933, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 221212, 
    Fax: 233 (21) 667104

  • For divestiture of State Owned Enterprises (SOE):

    The Executive Secretary,
    Divesture and Implementation Committee, 
    P.O. Box C102, Cantonments, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 772049, 773119, 760281, 
    Fax 233 (21) 773126,
    E-mail address:

  • For trade exposition:

    Ghana International Trade Fair Limited,
    P.O. Box 111, Trade Fair Centre, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 776611-5, 772376,
    Fax: 233 (21) 772012,
    E-mail address:

  • For Business Associations:
  1. The President, Ghana National Chamber of Commerce, 
    P.O. Box 2325, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 662427, 
    Fax: 233 (21) 662210

  2. The Chief Executive, 
    Ghana Chamber of Mines, 
    P.O. Box 991, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 760652, 
    Fax: 233 (21) 771500, 
    E-mail address:

  3. The Director-General, Private Enterprise Foundation,
    P.O. Box C1671, Cantonments, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 7715056, 
    Fax: 233 (21) 771500, 
    E-mail address:

  4. The President, Federation of Association of Ghanaian Exporters, 
    P.O. Box M124, Accra
    Tel/Fax: 233 (21) 232726, 232554,
    E-mail address:

  5. The President, Association of Ghanaian Industries, 
    P.O. Box 8624, Accra-North
    Tel: 233 (21) 777283,
    Fax: 233 (21) 773143,
    E-mail address:
Procedures for Exportation of Gold and Purchase of Diamonds


  • The gold to be exported shall be a minimum weight of 50Kgs.
  • The mineral to be exported shall be sealed in the premises of Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC) and in the presence of Customs Officials, PMMC representatives and that of the agent. After sealing, the Gold will be kept in the vault of PMMC awaiting export.
  • PMMC will supply the agent with assay certificates to determine the purity of gold being exported.
  • All Bank of Ghana and Customs, Excise and Preventive Services (CEPS) export documents will be completed by the Agent inconjunction with PMMC (and the agent's Bank where necessary).

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