Guidelines for Passport Applicants

All applications must be presented personally by the applicants. Applicants under 18 years of age may be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please note that applicants will be interviewed. Consequently, applications for passports made through agents or through the post will not be accepted.

Applications for passports are processed in Ghana and submitted for onward delivery. Please allow at least one month for the processing of your passport application.

Under current law, applicants must be Ghanaian nationals, and evidence of Ghanaian citizenship will be required in the form of an expired passport, Ghanaian birth certificate etc. Applicants holding only Ghanaian birth certificates will be required to submit some other proof of identity such as school certificates, driver's licence or employment/student/other ID card, to confirm that he or she is the person whose name and details appear on the birth certificate.

1. An applicant for a new passport must duly complete a passport application form and return it with four passport-sized photos and other relevant documents, e.g. birth certificate, Expired/current passport, etc. All supporting documents must be submitted in original, not a photocopy. Such original documents will be returned to the applicant.
2. An application for a new passport or renewal (extension) may be submitted six months to the date of expiry. An application for a new passport may also be submitted when the pages of current passport are all endorsed with visas/stamps.

3. An application for a new passport to replace a missing passport/lost passport shall be accompanied by a police report and an affidavit setting out the circumstances of the loss of the original passport, in addition to the other usual requirements for the issue of a passport.

An application for a new passport for a child born in Malaysia or any of the countries of concurrent accreditation, or whose name is already inserted in the passport of his/her parents must be supported by a birth certificate and the passport in which his/her name is inserted.

Please note that there is no procedure for applicants who were born in Ghana and claim to have travelled outside Ghana without their Ghana passports. The normal process would be for such applicants to return to Ghana to apply for a passport from the Director of Passports, Accra. It is also against the laws of Ghana, for any Ghanaian to travel to another country using a forged passport.

It is not permitted by law for Ghanaians resident outside Ghana to instruct friends and relatives to acquire Ghana passports in Ghana on their behalf and either secretly carry the passports to them or send to them by post. Such passports are proxy or illegal passports, and will be seized by any of the appropriate authorities to whom it is presented and sent to the High Commission. Any proxy passport that comes into the possession of the High Commission shall immediately be confiscated and a replacement passport will only be issued to the bearer after exhaustive investigations and with the approval of the Director of Passports in Accra.

Payments should be made by Cash 0nly (Malaysian Ringgit).

Newly issued passports should be collected personally by the applicants. The applicant will be required to fill in and sign the appropriate column of the passport collection book, and also append his or her signature in the passport in the presence of the Head of the Consular Section before the passport will be released to him/her.


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