Tourism as a Business


Tourism as a Business in Ghana
The Government of Ghana has identified and designated tourism as a priority sector for economic development. Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. It is third to gold and cocoa in terms of foreign exchanged earnings. According to current statistics, the tourism sector is growing at the rate of about 12.5%, the fastest growing sector of the Ghanaian economy, with investments from local and foreign entrepreneurs.

Areas of Opportunity

  • Provision of hotel accommodation of international standards;
  • Provisions of tourist class hotels, beach and lake resorts;
  • Development of safari lodges and camps in Ghana’s unique wildlife and national park reserves; conversion of some of the European built slaves castles and forts into museums and inns.
  • Development of water and air transport linkages with the originating markets;
  • Development of efficient transport linkages between tourist sites in Ghana and within the sub-region;
  • Development of efficient tourist services along tourist routes;
  • Development of recreational tourism infrastructure and facilities, such as water sports, river rafting and adventure tourism activitie


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