1.This form must be completed in capital letters and submitted together with your Passport and five (5) recent passport size photographs.It takes a minimum of three (3) working days to process the application.

2. Full names and addresses of references in Ghana should be stated (including telephone numbers if available).

3.Any information stated on the form and subsequently found to be incorrect may render Entry Permit / Visa void.

4. Applicants applying by post should provide self-addressed stamped envelopes.

First Name*
Previous Name (if Applicable)
Date of Birth*
Place of Birth*
Passport Number*
Place of Issue*
Date of Issue*
Date of Expiry*
Businee Address *
Business Phone*
Residential Address *
Residential Phone*
Proposed date of departure for Ghana *
Travelling by Air Sea Land
Is applicant in possession of return ticket?
Ticket No
Purpose of Journey
Business  Tourism/Holiday/Visit  Employment 
Joining Parents  Educational  Diplomatic 
Official  Voluntary Work  Transit  
Names and Addresses of two references in Ghana :    (I)
If for employment Name and Address of Employer in Ghana
Duration of Stay in Ghana
Visa Types Multiple Visa Single Visa
Date of Last Visit In Ghana
Your Photo*

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